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NEW!! Microcurrent Facial

Skin Care by Sue B here in Elk Grove, CA now offers the microcurrent skin care treatment. This is done in conjunction with microdermabrasion and the golden alga peel- off mask. Often refereed to as a 'natural facelift" the microcurrent emits a very small electrical current that mirrors your own body's electrical current on a cellular level. Tis helps repair damaged skin and also stimulates new collagen. See our website for the full benefits. 
NEW!! Microcurrent Facial
Natural active ingredients of seaweed, minerals and 24 karat gold dust help smooth out wrinkles by providing optimum moisture level. This hydrating effect helps diminish eyebags and produces a smoothness and firmness . In turn this gives your face a lifting effect.
Just had the MOST AMAZING facial with Sue! The atmosphere of her spa is so relaxing as well as the loving, gentle, relaxing facial that she gives.
— Sharisse C.
If you are looking for results, you will find them here. All treatments are outcome-driven, customized to work for you.
By providing the latest skincare technology and facial devices, you will see a noticeable difference in your skin and the best value for your money and time.
Check out our new magneticdermabrasion video below!d we're very excited to share it with you

Magnetic-dermabrasion Facial

Skin Care By Sue B in Elk Grove. An actual video of a facial skin care procedure. Micro-dermabarasion and Magnetic-Dermabrasion known as the Iron Mask. This treatment removes dead skin and also magnetically removes embedded impurities in the skin. Your will look younger and your skin will have a beautiful "glow"
Magnetic-dermabrasion Facial