Dermolyse Enzymatic Skin Peel

Dermolyse is an enzymatic peel using steam to help open skin pores and create a more effective treatment. It can be used on any skin type and gives you that perfect g;ow without any downtime

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Magnetic-dermabrasion Facial

Skin Care By Sue B in Elk Grove. An actual video of a facial skin care procedure. Micro-dermabarasion and Magnetic-Dermabrasion known as the Iron Mask. This treatment removes dead skin and also magnetically removes embedded impurities in the skin. Your will look younger and your skin will have a beautiful "glow"
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Pumpkin Peel

Pumpkin enzyme peel from Skin Care By Sue B in Elk Grove, CA. Skin luxury now comes with immediate, real skin results. Refresh and plump skin with botanically infused pumpkin enzymes.All skin types glow and go on their way to perfectly pampered skin.
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